NVidia Geforce4 4400 AGP 8X in Windows 7

I have a 5-year-old Dell 400SC server with a Linksys USB wireless adapter and an Nvidia Geforce4 4400 AGP 8X video card. I wanted to try Windows 7 on it.

Everything seemed to work fine (after I gathered drivers from Dell and Linksys) with the exception of the AGP video card. The card, according to manufacturer, is not supported in Windows Vista.

A little digging (well, a lot of digging) on the Internet turned up this blog, which helped me out.

Apparently some versions of the NVidia drivers will semi-work in Vista, and therefore by extension, in Windows 7 as well. I downloaded the Forceware Version: 81.98 driver and manually installed it. Afterwards I even installed the Nvidia Control Panel plug-in by running under the compatibility mode for the installation.

Well, the installation actually took several back-and-forthness, but eventually I did end up with a semi-working video card in Windows 7. The max resolution is only 1280×1024, less than the 1600×1280 resolution the card can display in Windows XP, and I had to tweak a setting in the display control to set it to use the Card Rendering instead of Monitor Rendering.

But it’s still better than having to buy a new graphic card…