Install Samsung ML-1740 Printer in Solaris 10

The Samsung ML-1740 is a non-postscript laser printer. To print in Solaris, I decided to install and run CUPS (common unix printing system) instead of using the standard lpcommand in Solaris


Because I know CUPS will work since that’s what my Kubuntu runs.

The major steps to install and configure Samsung ML-1740 in Solaris 10 are:

1. Install CUPS. You could use a pre-compiled CUPS package (freely available from the Sun Solaris Optional Component DVD and the Solaris web site), or you could download the latest source code from and build the binary yourself. I’ve tried both and would HIGHLY recommend using the latest CUPS (version 1.3.8). It’s less buggy, plays nicely with clients like Firefox and has some additional niceties, like letting you browse for a printer driver file, and telling you when a particular filter specified by your printer’s driver is missing.

2. Start CUPS.
/etc/init.d/cups start
Point your browser to the CUPS management interface at localhost:631 Make sure CUPS is running and you can see the management interface before continue.

3. Get the printer driver. Because the foomatic gdi driver is platform independent, I simply use the same one I have on Kubuntu, which I downloaded from

4. Install the foomatic-rip filter.
Because my printer is not a postscript printer, the gdi driver downloaded in step 2 uses the foomatic-rip filter to translate the postscript language for CUPS. The foomatic filter is not installed by default from either CUPS package, so I again got mine off the web site. The foomatic tar file link is here.

5. Configure the printer in CUPS. Add the printer to your user preference.

In Kubuntu, it takes all of 2 minutes to get my Samsung ML-1740 laser printer set up. But things got a lot more interesting when I tried to follow all the steps above to install the printer in Solaris.

Stay tuned if you are interested in some troubleshooting tips with CUPS in Solaris and Foomatic printer drivers. I can tell you the story does have a happy ending…