Charming Shanghai Neighborhoods

Above is a traditional Shanghai Longtang (a residential quarter) in the former French Concession

Shanghai is my favorite city in China. I am attracted to its unique blend of European flair and Chinese characters. It is a city like few others in the world, a large metropolis, boisterous, contrasting, confident, obnoxious, and full of vibrant neighborhoods that offer kaleidoscopic insights into the modern China.

Yet, few tourists to Shanghai catch a glimpse of its charming neighborhoods. Each time someone asks a Shanghai related question on one of the popular travel boards, invariably the names like the Bund, Jinmao Tower, or Xintiandi, get mentioned.

But Shanghai is much more than just tourist traps. To prove this point, I decided to write this guide on Shanghai’s neighborhoods. To take full advantage of this guide, don a pair of comfy walking shoes and dive into the maze of this massive metropolis. Shanghai is one of the safest cities in the world, so you have a good excuse to get lost and discover something unexpected.

Read my full walking guide of Shanghai’s colorful neighborhoods.


The Dongjiadu Church, a Portuguese style church, in Old Shanghai.
Shanghai’s many lively neighborhood parks. This one on the Shaoxing Road is the smallest park in Shanghai.