Havana Cuba — a time capsule

Family trip to Havana and Varadero Cuba, February, 2009 Beaches, history, art, Hemingway, communism, dance, and a unique people — Cuba fascinates. Colonial glory — Capitolio and Gran Teatro in Habana Centro, viewed from the roof top of El Hotel Parque Central. Also in the picture is Central Park and the Prado Street taxi car […]

My favorite neighborhood in London

I just returned from London — want to mention how much I love South Kensington. It’s a great area for tourists and business travelers. There is a perfect balance of being in the center of everything yet still possessing plenty of neighborhood charms. My hotel on Thurloe Square in South Kensington:

Charming Shanghai Neighborhoods

Above is a traditional Shanghai Longtang (a residential quarter) in the former French Concession Shanghai is my favorite city in China. I am attracted to its unique blend of European flair and Chinese characters. It is a city like few others in the world, a large metropolis, boisterous, contrasting, confident, obnoxious, and full of vibrant […]