Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu

Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu: John Updike on Ted Williams is a commemorative edition of John Updike’s original essay on the last game played by Ted Williams 50 years ago. I am a rabid fan of both the Red Sox and John Updike. This new edition includes the original essay published in the New Yorker […]

Installing VMWare Server on Kubuntu

The VMWare Server is a free product you can download directly from VMWare. You do need to register to get a serial number to complete the installation. The installation on Kubuntu is pretty straight forward. You need sudo privilege to run the configuration program, otherwise, the program complains. Also, either xinetd or inetd is requires. […]

Somthing’s fishy in Linux JVM

I just encountered another failed JVM setting. This time it was the Oracle SQL Developer. Here’s the error log under verbose option: [email protected]:/opt/sqldeveloper$ ./ -verbose Oracle SQL Developer Copyright (c) 2006, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved. Reading configuration from: /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin/sqldeveloper.conf Working directory is /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin Running Command: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- -Xmx512M -Xverify:none -XX:JavaPriority10_To_OSPriority=10 -XX:JavaPriority9_To_OSPriority=9 -Dapple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true […]

Netbeans Crash in Linux / Kubuntu

When I launched the Java IDE Netbeans 6.1 today, I got this error: [email protected]:~/netbeans-6.1/bin$ ./netbeans An irrecoverable stack overflow has occurred. # # An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment: # # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0xb7e249bc, pid=25679, tid=3019492240 # # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (10.0-b22 mixed mode, sharing linux-x86) # […]

Omega Drivers for nVidia

I’ve been having stability trouble with my nVidia graphics card on an old computer. I needed some really old drivers to test and see if the problem was introduced by the newer drivers.  Instead of finding them on nVidia’s site, I found the old drivers through the Omega driver site: Omega site have drivers […]